Basa Ngapak luwih ringkes tinimbang Basa Inggeris

Basa Jawa Banyumasan, sing kerep diarani basa Ngapak, kuwe jebulane luwih ringkes tinimbang basa Inggeris. Luwih cablaka, ora tedeng aling-aling, toli ora kedawan gole ngomong. Ora percaya, kiye ning ngisor kiye wacanen ya… Aja mesem-mesem disit, waca nganti pragat tembe olih gemuyu, ngakak ya olih, arep nambahi ya olih ning kolom ‘komentar’:

1. Walk slowly on the edge (side)of the road = MLIPIR.

2. Falling backward and then hit own head = NGGEBLAK/KEDEGLAG.

3. Falling/tripping forward (and may hit own face) = KEJLUNGUP/KEDONGSOK.

4. Smearing one’s body with hotointment or liquid and then massaging it =BLONYOH/MLOCOH.

5. Riding an old bicycle =NGONTHEL.

6. Got hit a truck that is moving backward = KUNDURAN TRUK.

7. Hot pyroclastic cloud rolling down a volcano = WEDHUS GEMBEL.

8. A small,sharp thing embedded inside one’s skin = SUSUBEN/TLUSUPEN.

9. Thing getting out from a container accidentally because of gravity = MBROJOL.

10. Get hit by thing collapsing on top of one’s head/body = KAMBRUKAN.

11. Drinking straight from the bottle without using the glass,where whole bottle tip gets into the mouth = NGOKOP.

12. Difficult to open eyes because something is shining very bright = BLERENG.

13. Hanging on tightly to something in order to be inert = CEKELAN/GONDHELAN.

14. Falling/tripping accidentally because of a hole =KEJEGLONG.

15. Being over active carelessly = PECICILAN.

16. Felling unwell because of cold temperature = KATISEN/KADEMEN.

17. Releasing “wind” from the body thru a coin drawn acrossthe skin’s surface = KEROKAN.

18. Finding by accident something good or useful without looking for it = NDILALAH.

19. Expression or gesture due to a sudden appearance (of something) = UJUG -UJUG.

20. Water come out from your mouth = NGILER / NGECES.

21. A lot of water come out from your skin = KEMRINGET / GEMBROBYOS.

22. Doing something with your finger = NGUTIK-UTIK.

23. Have something between your teeth = SELILITEN.

24. Accidentally poke your eyes = KECULEK.

Kaya kuwe sedulur, coba tembung apa maning kang/mbokayu? Hehehe…. #ceritalucubanyumasan.


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